desert-1540727.jpgI purchased Scrivener to support my desire to be a prolific writer.  I have a degree in Psychology, so I understand how important beliefs are to the creation actions.  Therefore, I wanted to feel like I was a writer when I wrote in Scrivener.   My belief was that when I open Scrivener to compose my masterpiece, the ideas and thoughts would magically flow on the screen.  I would have everything I needed to create the ideal manuscript… All because I purchased Scrivener (at full price, I might add).

When I open Scrivener, I enter a writing desert.  I am a hunter, who is searching ravishingly for the right idea and thought in the writing desert.  I have started many manuscripts in Scrivener. However, all of these manuscripts remain unfinished.  As I write, I become frustrated because the drought in the writing desert is continuing once again.  Why?! Shouldn’t these ideas just pounce on me once I click open on my Macbook Pro.

Honestly, the writing desert is annoying me.  I am no longer interested in being a hunter for the right ideas and thoughts.  This year, I am going to finish a manuscript.  I am going to create a rainforest in the writing desert.

When you write, are you in a writing desert or rainforest?