Writing for Perfection

writing-in-the-dark-1497115When I write, I find myself second guessing my delivery of whatever it is that I am writing. From a journal entry to an email, I rewrite and rewrite and rewrite.  I have people read it.  I question their understanding of what I wrote.  I second guess what they share with me.  I use Grammarly to catch all the grammatical errors.  I google similar examples to make sure that I am on task.  I believe at times this hinders me from being my true self as a writer.  I want just to write. I want to be free from the confines of drafting for perfection.  I want to be able to share what I want to say without being in the prison cell of perfection.  Perhaps my confidence in my writing ability needs to improve to evolve adequately beyond the realms of perfect writing. Does perfection exists in the world of writing?