A Blank Page

img_0511Sometimes, I stare at blank pages and wish they could capture exactly what is on my mind. Censorship is always a worry for me. I don’t work for myself. I always wonder if my employer will approve or disapprove of my thoughts and fire me. Therefore, leaving my family to be in a dire situation. Sometimes, the blank page on my computer is a deafening silence. I want to be heard. I want to express the outrage about things. I want to share what I really think should occur. Yet, the blank page remains censored. I want to use profanity without being categorized as unintelligent. I want to express exciting things about sex and lust. Yet, when my page is finally filled, my real thoughts are smothered by what is acceptable and align with the perception people have of me. One day, I want to be at a point where my writing is accepted just the way it is. Not only accepted… But appreciated.