Finding Peace

When I have a pen and my bullet journal, I know that the chaos of the day is about to be silenced. I am aware that writing gives me peace. Everyone has something that triggers peace. For me, I find peace when I write. Writing lets me manage my thoughts and ideas. I can silence the busyness of life when I sit down and begin to write. I can express my feelings in my bullet journal. I am able to organize my thoughts in my journal. I am able to get things down to organize what steps need to be taken. I am able to divulge my deepest thoughts and determine if those thoughts require validation. Writing is an important part of self care for me. When I finish a writing session, I feel free and calm. The feeling of exasperation is gone. I am more focused if I have been distracted. I am cool, calm, and collected. For me, writing gives me true peace.
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