Writing a Book

Yesterday, I made a goal to publish two books this year. I have published a book in a long time. I have so many brewing up inside of me. However, I’m afraid that when I publish the book that no one will buy it. This fear has been almost paralyzing. Having this fear has resulted in me not writing anything and publishing anything. I cannot let my fear and assumptions hinder me from writing. I love writing and reading books. I enjoy being in a space of uninterrupted writing. I have read a book and became frustrated because I know that I could write a book on the same topic. I want to write to help people maneuver through life. I wish that people could learn from all my life lessons and not repeat the same mistakes. I’ve lost a lot of time from my life focusing on things that ultimately was not important. Today, j plan to draft an outline for my book using MindNode and start to create a concept map for what I want to share with others. No one is stopping me from writing except for me. I am my biggest road block.
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