Writing as Therapy

Writing can be a source of therapy. Sometimes, you need to get things off your chest. In my opinion writing is the best answer to venting. When you write things down, you release the negative energy that you have been feeling. You are able to share your deepest thoughts and unspoken secrets without being judged. My journals are my therapists. I vent. Sometimes, I use journal apps with passwords on my phone for things I don’t want others to know or read. Writing helps me think through difficult situations. I write about how I am feeling. I write about what I’m thinking. I write just to write. My children have been instructed that when I die they are to burn all my journals. They have been instructed not to read any of them. I would be mortified if my children were to publish my journals and writings when I die. So many children of famous people do that, but I hope my children respect my wishes. When I finish writing about my feelings and thoughts, I honestly feel better. I can get through the day more focused. Sometimes, I even sleep better. Writing for me is the best therapy.

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