I dream of experiencing everything that was meant for my good. Lately, I’m struggling with life and it’s slippery slopes. Each obstacle shaking my world like unseen potholes in the road. I try hard to not swim in a pool of regret. Lately, I’m just standing on the diving board, looking down into a pool of regret. It’s like I’m waiting for that one last push into the deep end. Yet, the push never comes.
 Unsure of what is next for me, I straddle the horse called life and deal with what’s in front of me. Life ignores me as I pull on her bridle to reign her back in when the pathway starts to get dark. Relentlessly, she goes full force. She leaves me holding on to what I have.
 Even when Life is steady and flowing, I try not to look over my shoulder to the past. I just know I must focus on moving forward and appreciate what I have. Each day is just right around the corner from my hearts’ desire. I just know that one day, Life will be intoxicatingly exciting and filled with joy.
 I recognize that each stage of growth in Life soils what I believe should happen, but I recognize that everything does happen for a reason. Slowly but surely, I just want to relax and enjoy a lengthy hiatus filled with peace and happiness.
 I’m scheduled to be somewhere further in life. I’m just waiting for when my perceived schedule align’s with Life schedule. Right now, it’s like we keep missing each other.
 Today, I laughed and smiled. Such simple actions give me so much joy. Having something to smile about and laugh about means the world to me. Today, I gladly accepted those precious gifts.


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