I’m really far behind on my goal of completing NANOWRIMO, but I am still determined. It’s not over til the fat lady sings or on November 30. 

Life has stood in the way of me writing. I’ve been traveling for work since November 4. I even spent a week in California, which explains why I have been up sinc 3 am this morning. Then, my infant son had a cold that developed into pneumonia. My husband was admitted to the hospital. 

Yet, when I have a goal, I work through everything to get it done. Being able to say I have completed NANOWRIMO this year is so important. So I have adjusted myself to using my phone to write scenes down. 

I created a folder in the Notes app on my iPhone 6S Plus. Yes, I did not upgrade for the first time in my life. There is really no point. Nothing is wrong with my current phone. I have 128 GB. The cute cases are cheaper now. But anyway, the title of the book is the title of the folder. I write as much as I can. Then, I copy my note into Scrivener on my MacBook Pro. By doing so, I am catching up on get my words in without feeling so overwhelmed at the computer. My phone is always with me, so I will make the best use of it as much as possible. 

Despite the happenings of life, I am going to get it done!!