Sitting in the airport, I decided to write just before my plane is boarding, even though I have been waiting for about 2 1/2 hours to board my flight.  I enjoy traveling and people watching. Instead of being frustrated by being patted down and feeling violated, I should have used that opportunity to people watch and get inspiration for writing materials.  When I fly, I see all types of people.  I like seeing people, who look extremely dangerous or extremely frustrated like I was.  Each has a story, and I try to imagine what their story is. I imagine where they are going, who they are meeting, and where they have been. The possibilities are unlimited.  I think while I am on the flight and trying to get myself into work mode. I need to make sure that I get focused and write my thoughts. People watching provides so much material for writers.  You can sit anywhere and create a plot based on the people that you watch.  Taking field notes can help you create that one character that you just cannot seem to understand.  You can start with descriptions of clothing and their actions, but you can ultimately discover something that is completely unique about the character that you have created. In two weeks, I will be traveling to California for the first time. I am very excited about people watching in the airport. I am sure that I will have an abundance of material to use. Where do you go to people watch? How does people-watching enhance your writing?


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