Sometimes, I want to post about random things, like the latest audiobook I am reading, the latest gossip on Facebook, current frustrations and so much more. However with this blog, I am trying hard to stay focused on one theme: writing. Therefore, I have committed to only writing about this theme.  Sometimes, this means that I may not post  as often as I would like. I desire to always write something of value.

Have you thought about how you get your ideas down? What do you use?

I love to write using a Lamy Safari Pen in a journal which makes me feel like Ernest Hemingway or Richard Wright. I like to feel as if I am a successful writer and have already made it. What do you do that makes you feel

Check this link out: Writing Using Pen and Paper.

What do you use to write? Are you a pen and paper writer or a computer writer? 


4 thoughts on “Value

    1. I do, too. I found one at a local bookstore with a secret confessions theme. It’s so seductive. I don’t have an iPad mini. I have an iPhone and iPad. I downloaded the app, Day One, but I don’t really use it. What app do you use?

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      1. I don’t use anything fancy, my goal is to just to get stuff down before I forget it.

        I recommend Simplenote.

        There’s another app called Stampnote which has the interesting feature of giving every note you take a little time stamp. I use that once in a while for various reasons.

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