I Have Questions

Tomorrow, I travel for work, and I feel that I need to be adequately prepared for my trips.  I must find the perfect pens and the perfect journal to take with me.  I need all of my gadgets to be completely charged so that I can either read the entire time or type to my heart’s contentment.  I have been thinking lately about writing another book.

I have been thinking lately about writing another book.  As a former English professor, I want to give a shot at fiction writing. I have started so many manuscripts without evening finishing any of them.  I would love to give NANOWRIMO a shot this year and finish.  I have been thinking about setting a goal to write at least 500 words a day.  I am torn.  Should those 500 words focus on a new manuscript, complete a new manuscript, or produce great material for my blogs.  Honestly, I just want to write.

I enjoy my job because the premise surrounds reading and writing.  I want to share my thoughts with the world. I do not know if it matters if someone refers to me as a writer, but I like the sound of it.  “I am a writer. Hear me ROOOAARR!” said no writer ever.

I wonder if writing is my calling. Am I going to wake up one morning and decide that I need to write for the rest of my life? Is this even possible? Perhaps, I should make a goal next year to just focus on writing.  I wanted to write and self-publish a book this year.  As the months keep coming and going, I am so not close to finishing a manuscript to publish.  I feel like I need to invent myself. In a few months, I will be 35.  I am starting to consider whether or not my life is going on the path towards living a fulfilled life.  I do not feel like I am there yet. Could being a writer make me feel like I have finally arrived? Have I arrived and just did not know it?

This week, I am going to take some time and start thinking about my life and how I want my writing to start to transform.  I want to be proud of what I produce as a writer.  I sometimes wish that I did not question my ability to get my thoughts down on a sheet of paper or type a manuscript.  Sometimes, I envy people who can just write a book in a month and make it seem to effortless.  However, is it truly effortless for them? Are they not neglecting something in their lives to write manuscript after manuscript?  Can they even exclaim that they are living a fulfilled life with the publications under their belt?

As you can see, I have questions. I need to know. I want to know.  Also, I need to focus more on the expectations that I have for myself.  I am successful. I have three books, and I know that people have bought them, even though I am not a New York Times Bestseller.  Do I need to be famous to feel validated as a writer?



Do you feel me?

I am an avid reader, and I consider myself to be a bibliophile.  Sometimes, when I read a text, I become perplexed about it.  Why?  I start feeling troubled because I start envisioning how I could have written the book better.  I know this may come across as arrogant, but I have read books that left me feeling like a writer just threw words in a pot and hoped that they meshed together. In the past, I have felt guilty about not finishing a book that I started.  Being bewildered by a book that I start to proofread and edit makes me cringe.  I read for pleasure.  No longer do I feel guilty about not finishing a book.  My time is precious. Just like I value your time since you are reading what I write.

Have you ever read a book and felt that you would have developed it better?  Did you finish the book? What was your response? I really want to read your thoughts. I look forward to your comments.

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Sometimes, I want to post about random things, like the latest audiobook I am reading, the latest gossip on Facebook, current frustrations and so much more. However with this blog, I am trying hard to stay focused on one theme: writing. Therefore, I have committed to only writing about this theme.  Sometimes, this means that I may not post  as often as I would like. I desire to always write something of value.

Have you thought about how you get your ideas down? What do you use?

I love to write using a Lamy Safari Pen in a journal which makes me feel like Ernest Hemingway or Richard Wright. I like to feel as if I am a successful writer and have already made it. What do you do that makes you feel

Check this link out: Writing Using Pen and Paper.

What do you use to write? Are you a pen and paper writer or a computer writer?