For me, writing is a form of self-care. I write what I am feeling. I write what I know to be true or false. I write when I’m frustrated or when I’m angry. I write when I just need to get things off my chest. 

Writing provides peace and solace that I cannot get from other things in life. Currently, I’m restless with where I see my life going and how I want things to be. Do you ever just want to rewrite the beginning of your life because you are filled with so much understanding now? Lately, that’s how I feel. 

Sometimes, I want to share my opinions about certain things, but even though our world encourages individuality, no one really wants to hear or read exactly what I feel. So, I write in my journals. Writing calms me down. Writing brings me to a grounded place. 

I do view writing as a self-care activity. When I taught English, I encouraged my students to write everyday. When a friend of mine was dealing with the stress of her job, and she knew that if she sought the assistance of a therapist, she could lose her job, I bought her a journal to assist her in processing the day to day activities that caused her grief. 

I am trying to show my children how important it is to keep a journal. I started giving them writing prompts to encourage their thoughts, but since I now have a very long commute to and from work, I find it hard to encourage them as much. 

Even the purchase of a new journal,  such as a Leuchtturm1917 or Moleskin, gives me so much joy. When I purchase ink for my Lamy Safari pen, I feel so happy. I value what I use to write my thoughts and ideas down. Having a journal and pen that encourages me and promotes happiness is a part of witting being a form of self-care. 

Everywhere I go, I have something to write with and in. I never know when I need to feel inspired or just need to let it all out. I have started a routine of leaving early for work, so that I can write in my car for at least seven minutes. That might not seem like a long time, but when I set my timer to write, I am so present in that moment. During those seven minutes, I am able to release any tnsuon before I embark on my work. 

What does writing do for you? How is writing a form of self-care? 


Would you?

One of my favorite podcasts is Snap Judgment.  Recently, I listened to the story, entitled “The Recipients” from the segment, “Weight of the World.” I do not want to spoil the story, but a writer sends an email to other writers across the world. In essence, this writer jeopardized his life because he felt that outside of writing nothing else matter.  Hearing the story made me sad.  Authors give so much when they share with the world.  However, I believe that writers should never jeopardize their well-being because their talent or work is not embraced or appreciated. When you listen to the story, share your thoughts and comments.

Should writers jeopardize their lives, families, and well-being to be appreciated?

via Daily Prompt: Jeopardize


When I write in my journal, I feel different in comparison to when I am writing something that I am publishing. My writing speaks to me in my journals. Yet, once I write in my journal, I rarely go back to read it. I have instructed my children to destroy all of my journals when I die. They asked if they could read them. Of course, I said, “No!” Also, I threatened to haunt them, if they do. No, I wasn’t joking. I was very serious. Writing in my journal is therapy.