For the Readers

Do you ever read a book, which makes you think that you could have written it better? I actually hate when this occurs. I hate to feel like I wasted precious time that I cannot get back because of a poorly written text. Whenever I write, I try to focus on providing enjoyment for the reader. Why? Because the reader could be doing something other than reading what I have written. I value my readers’ time.  I would hate for someone to read something that I have written and think what a waste.  I haven’t been posting because I did not think I had anything of interest to you. Plus, I have been adjusting to a new career, which is a dream come true. Posting to say that I posted is not rewarding for me. What’s rewarding for me is to post something that I want to share with you and create a platform to have dialogue with someone else about my thoughts.  I value your time. I believe that other writers should try to create a masterpiece, which is full of their skills and talents, while proving to the reader that their readership is appreciated. What do you think?


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