A Worn Path

When I write, I hope that people feel like that are on a journey to reach my overall point.  I enjoy reading books, which are taking me on a fictional or nonfictional journey.  I am curious about where I am going and what will happen on the way.  Perhaps, I need to master how I am taking my readers on journeys.  Should I care if my readers prefer not to take a trip while reading what  I write? Do my readers want to me to get straight to the point?

One of my favorite short stories to teach the writing process is A Worn Path by Eudora Welty. Welty’s ability to depict Phoenix’s long journey leaves much to the imagination.
Have you read it? Read it and share your thoughts.



One thought on “A Worn Path

  1. I think you should care if you feel accomplished when you finish writing.

    When I read a book I want to feel the intention of the writer on it. And even if what I think could be the intention it is wrong, it doesn’t really matter. For me, the point is that I felt something with the message that was written.

    Wouldn’t that be the intention when writing a book?

    It’s almost like looking at a paint exposed on an Art Galery and you will try to understand the meaning of it and what was behind the painter thoughts at that moment.

    But, can you really get behind the truth?! The odds are that you may be far away from the real meaning, I believe.

    But wasn’t the goal to make me feel something? To make me question myself about something? To make my brain work, somehow, beyond the usual borders?

    Maybe I am right or wrong about it, but that’s how I see and feel the intention of a book or even a painting.

    Can you explain to me, what is your intention when you write a book? Your final goal?

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