Why I Write

handwriting-love-1535813.jpgLately, I have been trying to figure out why I write. What makes me crave expressing myself to others? Why do I feel like my existence revolves around writing? When I am teaching my Composition 1 & 2 classes, or I am teaching a Developmental English course, I have my students read Why I Write by George Orwell.  I have my students read this excerpt at the beginning of class to set the tone for a successful semester.  Have you read this excerpt?

Let’s talk. Are you a writer? Why do you write? What inspires your pen to kiss the paper?


5 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Wow. I love writing that says so much with so little space taken up! And I’m so glad you included that link to the piece by George Orwell. Having a bit of background makes me want to read more of his writing…you almost feel like you know him! I suppose if I were to be honest, I started my blog not so much because of how much I love to write, NOW, but because of how much I use to love to write and how I wish I could write like I did then, but with the experience and wisdom I have now. Does that make sense? I’ve written a ton of short stories, most of which are long gone except the bits left in my mind, and a handful of non-fiction pieces scattered here and there. It’s been interesting though, this whole question as to “Why I Write”…I will continue to ponder on this 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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    1. I am so glad that you read it. I plan on sharing more to inspire others. My goal is to inspire others while transforming myself as a writer. I hope to ignite the past love that you had for writing. Perhaps, I can motivate you to do what you desire so strongly!!!

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  2. I am not a writer, just a lost soul swimming in a fish bowl. When negative energy piles up in me, I spit it out in a post. This is why some of my posts are morbid and hard to read. After pressing that publish button bad energy is gone…at least for a little while.

    Yes, stay true to yourself, we are under too much pressure irl to be fake so having a public place where we can be ourselves is njam (yummy).


    1. I do that, but only in my journals. I often wonder if I should start destroying my journals. Then, I start to second guess that. Why should I want to avoid who am I and my thoughts! I liked reading your blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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