desert-1540727.jpgI purchased Scrivener to support my desire to be a prolific writer.  I have a degree in Psychology, so I understand how important beliefs are to the creation actions.  Therefore, I wanted to feel like I was a writer when I wrote in Scrivener.   My belief was that when I open Scrivener to compose my masterpiece, the ideas and thoughts would magically flow on the screen.  I would have everything I needed to create the ideal manuscript… All because I purchased Scrivener (at full price, I might add).

When I open Scrivener, I enter a writing desert.  I am a hunter, who is searching ravishingly for the right idea and thought in the writing desert.  I have started many manuscripts in Scrivener. However, all of these manuscripts remain unfinished.  As I write, I become frustrated because the drought in the writing desert is continuing once again.  Why?! Shouldn’t these ideas just pounce on me once I click open on my Macbook Pro.

Honestly, the writing desert is annoying me.  I am no longer interested in being a hunter for the right ideas and thoughts.  This year, I am going to finish a manuscript.  I am going to create a rainforest in the writing desert.

When you write, are you in a writing desert or rainforest?



8 thoughts on “Scavanger

      1. Because it’s there, I can feel it, and somewhat see it, but articulating it can be difficult for me. As if I am sludging in thick, murky, difficult to maneuver waters through a fog.


      2. Clearer. In a way that makes sense and is coherent. If I felt that I was able to do that on a consistent basis and in a timely fashion, then I would write and communicate more freely and regularly. *Sigh* Alas, it is not so.


  1. My thoughts are very eager to come out once they are born in my mind but I have to write the boring parts too in order to make my thoughts a tad easier to be read by other human beings (not accustomed to my mind flow). These boring parts are boring to write, I am not sure if they are boring to read. For example, while writing about woman carving the first letter of her name to a guys a*s cheek, I really wanted to write only that. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t make sense to those that are following that story so I had to add everything else.

    On the other hand, contemplating about how to wrap the story around that one detail that actually thrills me enough to write about, is some sort of foreplay. I read in lots of magazines that women are supposed to love foreplay as such.

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    1. Perhaps, even though the thoughts are boring to you, they intrigue others. Sometimes, simplicity is better than overly dramatic. In my opinion, I feel like you should write how you would want to read it. I am learning that.

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